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WS_FTP Professional v12.4 Single User (WS-1000-1240)

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional 12.4, the world’s most popular file transfer client with over 40 million users, now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows 8 operating system. WS_FTP Professional 12.4 moves data and transfers files anywhere, at any time, with complete security. WS_FTP Professional delivers lightning-fast transfer speeds, best-in-class security and time saving automation capabilities such as 256-bit transfer encryption, OpenPGP file encryption, file integrity checking, email notification, backup, folder synchronization, compression, post-transfer events and scheduling of file transfers.

License only, electronic delivery only.

Price: CAN$70.54

WS_FTP Server v7.6 with 1 Year Support (WR-6000-0760)

WS_FTP Server is the proven, scalable, secure FTP server preferred by thousands of organizations and millions of users today. With broad features demanded by today’s businesses and the security for the most sensitive data, WS_FTP Server is the most comprehensive FTP server in the market. WS_FTP Server is easy to install and use, and is the number one choice for those who need to keep their data on site.

The Support Agreement includes product upgrades and technical support through Ipswitch for 1 year. Electronic delivery only.

Price: CAN$891.00

AVG Anti-Virus 1 Computer 2 years Subscription
Maximum antivirus and antispyware protection.

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Web Shield

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  • Easy to download, install and use
  • Protection against viruses, spyware, adware, worms and trojans
  • Real-time security while you surf and chat online
  • Top-quality protection that does not slow your system down
  • Free support and service around the clock and across the globe
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP
    P.S.: If you want just 1 year subscription, it’s

    Price: CAN$70.19

  • Sensatronics Monitors Model E4 (Ethernet)

    The Model E IT Temperature Monitor is a good start for anyone requiring a simple solution for data center and server room temperature monitoring. We offer both a 4 port and 16 port unit that is capable of monitoring any temperature environment from -40° to +140° Fahrenheit (-40° to 60° C)
    Product Overview

    The Model E4 IT Temperature Monitors connect directly to your network via an Ethernet hub or switch and allow the simultaneous monitoring of up to 4 temperatures. This is a base unit only, be sure to purchase probes from the probes category.

    Product Details

    This unique digital thermometer connects to your network via an Ethernet hub or switch, giving you a convenient and flexible method of tracking temperatures and provides for quick alerting response in the event of unwanted temperature conditions. The Model E4's can accommodate up to 4 Standard and/or Heavy Duty Probes. Its list of features include:

    • Ethernet connectivity
    • SNMP MIB
    • 0.5°F (0.3°C) accuracy
    • Internal web server
    • Monitor up to 4 temperature locations
    • Supported by many NMS (Network Management Software) applications
    • Mounting flanges
    • °F or °C units
    • Low cost, small, light-weight

    (price includes base unit only, probes sold seperately)

    Price: CAN$347.11

    Message Sniffer Anti-Spam With Annual Subscription

    Message Sniffer™ is a powerful Email Scanning Engine that uses advanced pattern recognition technology and a regularly updated rules database to accurately identify spam. The software is designed for easy integration into a broad range of existing email platforms and spam elimination products and is available as a SDK to OEMs and ISPs. Message Sniffer™ currently protects more than 35,000 businesses and over 5 million mailboxes worldwide.

    Message Sniffer™ captures up to 99% of spam when implemented in a managed environment. Our system is designed for high-availability production systems and virtually eliminates client-side software or configuration changes. Most new features and enhancements are delivered automatically, which results in low maintenance installation, lowered administration costs, and higher reliability. In addition, continual system enhancements and delivery updates are provided at no extra cost to users.

    The Message Sniffer™ software is compatible with Windows, Linux and BSD operating systems, integrating easily with most email server or spam filtering platforms. Automated systems (Rule-Bots) and people (Rule-Techs) collaborate to produce and fine-tune filtering rules, allowing Message Sniffer™ to evolve rapidly and retain what it learns. New and refined rules continually update the fully automated and configurable Message Sniffer™ rules database.

    Price: CAN$600.75

    Welcome to Intrasoft

      Barracuda Spam Firewall 300  
      Barracuda Spam Firewall 300  


      Cyberoam CR Bundle 50i  
      Cyberoam CR Bundle 50i  


      IMail Server v12.4 25 Users (MA-1010-0012)  
      IMail Server v12.4 25 Users (MA-1010-0012)  


      IMail Server v12.4 500 User with 1 Year Service Agreement (MA-1600-0012)  
      IMail Server v12.4 500 User with 1 Year Service Agreement (MA-1600-0012)  


      IMail Server v12.4 500 Users (MA-1610-0012)  
      IMail Server v12.4 500 Users (MA-1610-0012)  


      IMail Server v12.4 10 User with 1 Year Service Agreement (MA-1700-0012)  
      IMail Server v12.4 10 User with 1 Year Service Agreement (MA-1700-0012)  


      IMail Server v12.4 10 Users (MA-1710-0012)  
      IMail Server v12.4 10 Users (MA-1710-0012)  


      WhatsUp Gold v.16 Premium 100 New Devices with 1 Year Service Agreement (NM-6CJJ-0160)  
      WhatsUp Gold v.16 Premium 100 New Devices with 1 Year Service Agreement (NM-6CJJ-0160)  


      WhatsUp Gold v.16 Premium 100 New Devices with 2 Year Service Agreement (NM-6CMH-0160)  
      WhatsUp Gold v.16 Premium 100 New Devices with 2 Year Service Agreement (NM-6CMH-0160)